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We're excited to be partnering with Les Frères Marchand, experts of cheese with a family long tradition passed down through four generations since the 1880s. Each month, we'll bring a new cheese for you to discover.


This June, we bring you our Cheese of the Month that is Gouda. Named after the Dutch city of Gouda, this deep yellow cheese celebrates the region and its history in trade specialising in Gouda cheese.

YOUNG GOUDA   $62 for 100g
A mild, creamy cheese that is usually matured for around four to six weeks. The light yellow coloured cheese texture is firm and rich, with a nutty flavour.

TOMATOES & OLIVE GOUDA   $62 for 100g
A semi-hard cheese with a flavour of fresh tomatoes and olives with a creamy texture.

TRUFFLED GOUDA   $98 for 100g
A mild, creamy Gouda paired with an earthly taste of truffles sprinkled throughout the cheese.

In addition, we'll also have a monthly special Gouda macaroni n cheese with cherry tomatoes & spinach ($128) with a rich and creamy texture - perfect for mac n cheese lovers.

Available from 1st - 30th June at all Classified locations except New World Tower.